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Children's corner
Ebony, Sept, 2004

This is a story of two hearts sharing one dream. NFL twin superstars Tiki & Rondo Barber's first book for children is about hard work, persistence, the importance of family, and what it takes to be a champion (or two). BY MY BROTHER'S SIDE (A Paula Wiseman Book/Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, $16.95)is written with Robert Burleigh and illustrated by Barry Root. SLEEPING CUTIE (Gulliver Books/Harcourt, $16.00) by Andrea Davis Pinkney and Brian Pinkney features an adorable little girl who is almost perfect ... except at bedtime. She just isn't tired, no matter what her parents try. But then they discover Night Owl, a toy who takes Curie on a journey to the jazzy Dreamland Nightclub. Award-winning author Karen English's new picture book SPEAK TO ME (AND I WILL LISTEN BETWEEN THE LINES) (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, $16.00) is a collection of poignant free-verse poems that follow six students through one day at an inner-city public school. JOE LOUIS, MY CHAMPION (Lee & Low Books, $16.95) by William Miller, illustrated by Rodney S. Pate, is the story of an African-American boy who idolizes world champion prizefighter Joe Louis as a boxer and a role model. WHO AM I WITHOUT HIM? SHORT STORIES ABOUT GIRLS AND THE BOYS IN THEIR LIVES (Hyperion Books for Children, $15.99) by Sharon G. Flake is a commanding collection that gives voice to adolescent girls beginning a journey of self-discovery and self-worth while struggling to define themselves and coping with their male counterparts.

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