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Painting With Acrylics. - Review - video recording review
Arts & Activities, April, 2001 by B.H.

PAINTING WITH ACRYLICS. Video/24 min./S89. Level: High School and Adult. Lucerne Media, 37 Ground Pine Road, Morris Plains, NJ 07950, (800) 341-2293, in N.J. (973) 538-1401.

Concise and filled with many close-ups, this video shows and explains to the viewer all the essential techniques of this popular medium. We see demonstrations of scumbling, dry-brush, wet-in-wet, underpainting, glazing and transparent washes. The advantages of acrylic paint--its durability, its lack of changing, fading or cracking, and its quick drying time--are explained. Its versatility is explored with close-ups of pigments thinned with water for use in traditional watercolor techniques, used with opaque white for gouache, or piled layer on layer with a palette knife for impasto effects. Other advantages are pointed out: its quick drying time, which may be extended with a retarding medium, the lack of toxic fumes, and easy cleanup. Demonstrations on various suitable and unsuitable painting surfaces are shown. Several sequences compare and contrast acrylic paint with oil paints and egg tempera. For information about this program, circle No. 394 on the Reader Service Card.

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B.H. "Painting With Acrylics. - Review - video recording review". Arts & Activities. April 2001.

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