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Portraits In Watercolor - Brief Article
Arts & Activities,  March, 2001  by Barbara Herberholz

PORTRAITS IN WATERCOLOR. Video/59 min./$39.95. Level: Adult. Crystal Productions, P.O. Box 2159, Glenview, IL 60025, (800) 255-8629.

Viewers will find both inspiration and instruction in this video, which features Charles Reid creating a double portrait of his wife and daughter. Reid's paintings are known for "catching the light and breath" of the moment. Viewers will be able to watch over his shoulder as he establishes the pose, works through the drawing and moves through the complete painting process.

The personalities and likenesses of Reid's subjects come alive as he intermixes color and shape. The video enables us to understand what influences Reid's selection of color and to study how he applies it. Reid also discusses critical aspects in the painting's development and explains why he enjoys portrait painting.

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