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Musician-painters "rock" art world: icons provide "sweet music" for collectors and galleries
Art Business News, Dec, 2004 by Bill Beggs, Jr.

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"This increases--as we think with any artist--the credibility of that artist and the gallery. It demonstrates a strong belief and commitment to each other," Rosen says. "This is just the beginning of amazing things with many artists across the board."

And now that the last cork has been popped, the paparazzi and glitterati have left, and the crowd of autograph-seekers on the sidewalk have dispersed, what does Rosen say that she's learned from hosting celebrity-artist appearances?

"Well," she muses, "Melissa and I realized that we cannot party like rock stars!"

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* Dick Kleinman Fine Art Gallery, 216-421-8484, www.dickkleinmanfineart.com

* Gallery 319, 310-899-1499, www.gallery-319.com

* Ronnie Wood. www.ronniewood.com

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