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How to paint like Georgia O'Keeffe
Instructor, April, 2004 by Hannah Trierweiler

Georgia O'Keeffe created her beautiful, detailed paintings by closely observing the world around her. Here third graders at Concord Road Elementary, in Ardsley, New York, follow her lead to make their own inspired works of art-while boosting important math and science skills.

1. After art teacher Patti Balassi introduces proportion, Joseph uses his finger to trace an outline of an O'Keeffe flower on a blank piece of paper. This helps him to predict the size of the flower he will draw.

2. Using a photograph as a model, Taylor begins to draw the center of her flower in pencil, paying close attention to details.

3. Cropping makes Jeffrey's flower burst off the page like O'Keeffe's.

4. Georgia O'Keeffe was a natural scientist as well as an artist. While drawing her outline, Brianna has learned about the different parts of a flower, including the stamen, pistil, and petals. Now she carefully traces the outline with a white crayon two or three times.

5. Brendan uses a big paintbrush, watercolors, and water to give his drawing a wet wash. He leaves some areas blank for detail work and paints the background a color that is complementary to his flower. The watercolors do not stick to the crayon outline, which shows through the paint.

6. Once her first wash is dry, Tracey uses a smaller brush to go back to her painting and add detail. She keeps her inspirational photo close at hand. When the paint is dry, she may decide that more detail work is needed and add more color.

7. Nicholas's watercolor is dry. He uses a thin marker for light shading and to add emphasis along the outside of his flower. He has become a close observer like Georgia O'Keeffe!

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