Free step by step watercolor demonstrtions, Free lessons from Yong Chen and Mary Churchill

Watercolor portrait painting demonstration of an asian student
Watercolor portrait painting demonstration

A portrait painting of a person who is wearing eye-glasses presents another layer of challenge. Yong used an asian student model in this 20-minute portrait demonstration. He shown you started from drawing, when to ignore the eye-glasses to pursue the correct facial features and proportion, and how to complete the eye-glasses without painting the eye-glasses.

Yong divided his painting process into many small steps. He shown you how to observe the skin-tones and how to use layering and when the painting was ready for the next glazing. When to painting in a spot and what technique to use, and how to go around to paint at different places in the painting, Yong shown you all the secrets that you are looking for a watercolor portrait painting from start to finish.

In this demonstration, Yong also shown you how use a brush in different positions and movements like a pro.

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