Free step by step watercolor demonstrtions, Free lessons from Yong Chen and Mary Churchill

A 20-minute watercolor portrait painting series #3
Watercolor portrait painting demonstration

Yong planned the process of this quick watercolor portrait painting as using light to dark traditional method. First Yong used a pencil to make the marks on the paper, to organize the thoughts. Then he quickly started the painting from the main subject, using a medium size round brush, to loosely make the first wash to the hair, then to the face to define the transitional areas and colors for the face.

Yong paid a special attention to the color temperatures on the face. For the background, instead of mixing the green color on his color palette before applying to the paper, Yong first washed a yellow color to the background, then he glazed a blue color after the yellow was dry. In this quick watercolor portrait demonstration, Yong shown you his ways to paint and form the hair with line strokes.

In this demonstration, Yong showed you how to stabilize one hand with the help from the other hand, and avoid touching the wet surface of the watercolor paper. Yong also demonstrated the technique of wet-on-wet of using a less-water color painted onto a wet area to create a soft transitional effect. And, Yong'd tell you his reason of changing the cloth color from dark color to light.

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