Free step by step watercolor demonstrtions, Free lessons from Yong Chen and Mary Churchill

Drawing a statue for a watercolor painting
Preparation for a watercolor painting
Suggesting level: Intermedium

In this demonstration, Yong demonstrated the proper methods to do a drawing for observation step by step. He shown you how he thought at each stage in the process. He pointed out the problems at each step and the solutions to avoid the common mistakes.

Yong divided his drawing process into many small steps, from how to define the position of the height and decide the width relatively, to how to focus on the relationship of larger areas, then proceed into smaller within. This was a preparation under-drawing for a watercolor study, however, the same process can be applied to a formal drawing, or a painting without under-drawing. In the next part of the demonstration, Yong will demonstrate his watercolor painting process which also apply this similar approach.

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