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Watercolor Basics and Experimental Watercolor
Arts & Activities,  April, 2005  by Barbara Herberholz

WATERCOLOR BASICS and EXPERIMENTAL WATERCOLOR. Two Videos/105 and 100 min./ $19.95 each. Level: High School and Above. Crystal Productions, P.O. Box 2159. Glenview, IL 60025, (800) 255-8629, www.crystalproductions.com.

Viewers will enjoy these clearly explained and slowly paced videos which are designed to be observed in segments. Artist and teacher Tina Cintron first demonstrates basic watercolor techniques--wet on wet and wet on dry. She discusses the basic materials--differences in brushes, various kinds of paper, and tubes of paint. Working both with and without preliminary pencil drawings, she creates finished paintings, building on layers of color and showing the viewer how a sprinkle of salt can enhance wet watercolors. In the video on experimental techniques she moves from start to finish in creating several floral paintings, adding depth and vibrancy to motivate and bring out student's creativity. She uses water-soluble colored pencils and gouache and concludes by showing the viewer a number of completed paintings.--B.H. For information about this program, circle No. 399 on the Reader Service Card.

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