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Landscapes in Watercolor
Arts & Activities,  April, 2005  by Jerome J. Hausman

LANDSCAPES IN WATERCOLOR (2003, $24.95), by Theodora Philcox. AVA Publishing, Switzerland, distributed by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., 387 Park Ave. S., New York, NY 10016. Artists have long used the medium of watercolor to depict the subtle and changing nuances of landscape. This is a book that provides examples taken from the works of 23 artists. The images range from a variety of places: an old customs house in King's Lynn, England; Harts Cove, Oregon; The Doge's Palace in Venice; San Gimignano, Tuscany; and many others.

In each case, the artist offers observations about seeing, thinking and acting. There are biographical notes about each artist; but, more important, the reader is given access to personal descriptions of the process and decision-making for each work. The book concludes with descriptive material about techniques involved and materials used.

In the introduction, the author quotes Paul Cezanne: "Nature is always the same, and yet its appearance is always changing. It is our business as artists to convey the thrill of nature's permanence along with the elements and the appearance of all its changes. Painting must give us the flavor of nature's eternity." This is a book that demonstrates this idea.--J.J.H. For information about this publication, circle No. 390 on the Reader Service Card.

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