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Mary Rollins
Art Business News, Jan, 2005

MARY ROLLINS, considered a master of contemporary naturalism, creates intimate portrayals of the Columbia River Gorge, its tributaries, and wildlife. The Gorge is a deep canyon cut by the Columbia River through the Cascade Mountain range; the border between Oregon and Washington. Rollins has her studio in historic The Dalles, OR, at the eastern end of the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area. This region extends for 80 miles, and at places the mountains may reach well above 4,000 feet. The Gorge is home to 77 spectacular waterfalls on the Oregon side. Rollins and her husband, Dale, hike river trails and forests to find inspiration for her future work. Working with watercolor, she enjoys the challenge of painting the changing qualities of light often found in nature. "Otter Bliss," a watercolor, is 23 x 37 inches in size and retails for $1,500. "Liquid Gold," is 23 x 37 inches and retails for $2,500. For more information, call 541-993-2571; visit www.maryrollins.com.

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