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Since I was a little boy, I dreamed to be an artist, though I had no idea what was an artist, and how to become one. I grew up with drawing everyday. And that is all I can remember: my drawing table and it was the only wooden writing table (with two drawers at the front) in my house and my father let me use it for drawing, and it was at the left corner of our living room; and the walls filled with my drawings.

From grade school to high school, then college in China, creating art daily has been part of my life. At college where I studied teaching, I started an art group and began to practice teaching drawing and painting. After a five-year of high school teaching, I immigrated to the United States to join my parents and sister, and I started a new search for the purpose for my life.

I have been through many jobs, from supermarket clerk, assistant in a Chinese restaurant, bus-boy in Chinatown, medical college lab assistant, freelance graphic designer, digital illustrator, art director, children's book illustrator and writer, to lately a college professor... I have always been following my passion, and searhing guided by my heart.

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