Free step by step watercolor demonstrtions, Free lessons from Yong Chen and Mary Churchill

Painting a still-life in watercolor
Watercolor still-life painting demonstration

Through this watercolor still-life demonstration, Yong used his unique tell and show teaching style, with his easy-to-follow steps, from positioning the painting on paper, manipulating the prop setting in the painting, adding elements to perfect the composition. Yong insisted, artists are created, we are not only painting from what we see, we painting a better version of what we see, but use the objects as our resources for reference. Drawing is a good step to begin, it makes us to focus on the simple problems, like, layout design, arrangement of space, sizes and relation, positive and negative space, and etc.

Then Yong demonstrated the painting process started by using a mixture of burnt umber and blue. He started from giveing the first wash to the main subjects, then came to cover the background area. Yong described the reason and goal for his each step in his watercolor painting process, and he shown you the practical techniques to turn a "disaster" into a beautiful result. Painting as good as the overall impression, Yong led you through his steps to avoid creating a disjoined looking painting, and to stay in control of the emotion and expression of the painting.

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