Free step by step watercolor demonstrtions, Free lessons from Yong Chen and Mary Churchill

One of my methods of painting a still-life watercolor
Step-by-step still-life watercolor painting demonstration

There are a number of ways to begin a watercolor painting. In this demonstration, Yong started the painting from the main subjects which are the bananas, the mandarin oranges and the persimmons.

Yong first put yellow into the area for the bananas, then he mixed yellows and reds to define the areas for the mandarin oranges and the two persimmons. As you may noticed, Yong left some blank areas within the oranges and the persimmons which will be used for the highlights and leaves of the fruits... Continue reading the text version of this demonstration for more step-by-step instruction.

Like to see how Yong prepared the setting for this watercolor still-life painting? Click here to watch the video.

This edited version of the demonstration video is only 13 minutes long. The full length of the demonstration was about one and a half hours.

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