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Painting a yellow rose flower with background in watercolor

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In this demonstration, Yong demonstrated using vary watercolor painting techniques to paint a yellow rose with background, from start to finish.

Many watercolor friends expressed that painting a flower is much easier if without the background. Yes, painting one object alone is much easier because we don't need to consider the relationship to other subjects, it is a much simpler job. In this demonstration, Yong started the painting from the under drawing with pencil. He first marked the area where the main object - the yellow rose flower will be, and the areas for leaves, and he thought about how these objects relate to each other, that include the relationships of color, hue, and value between them.

Yong first painted the first layer of wash from the inner part of the flower with his sideway stroke technique, then painted the outside edges of the petals. He then moved to the background area, washed with different mixtures of colors.

In this demonstration, Yong focus on the balance of color and value.

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