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Simple Watercolor Painting for a Gift Card (A Series)
artist Mary ChurchillStep-by-step watercolor seascape painting demonstration
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Begin Painting

Simple Watercolor Painting for a Gift Card (A Series), step-by-step watercolor demonstration by Mary Churchill

Simple Watercolor Painting for a Gift Card (A Series)

Sketch the horizontal line to separate sky from ocean. Sketch in the boulders. Mark placement for beach. Rough in the foam/spray where you want that. Lastly, sketch in three seagulls.

Make sure to use tape to separate sky from back of card, using masking tape. This will create a clean edge between paper and painting.

Start painting sky with blues and violet. Leave a bit of white for clouds. The dark part of sky is at the top right. Remember the sky moves in one direction. I used the hair-dryer to dry the sky before I started the ocean, so they don’t run and blend into each other.

The ocean is darker on the horizon line. I like flat brushes for oceans because I paint the ocean in strokes. The breaks in paint suggest movement.

While the blue dries, I paint the rocks and then the beach.

Next is to soften hard edges with a damp brush, which I clean again and again.

Finally, the wave-spray areas must be cleaned of paint, some areas lightly and other places more thoroughly.

When all is completed, paint in the (3) seagulls.

Watercolor usually needs a couple coats to give depth and richness.
And lastly…. Always keep your water clean!

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